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International students need to plan their accomodation options before they fly from home country. Normally it is recommended to book their accomodation immediately after visa is approved. Accomodations are broadly divided into two categories - on campus and off campus. On campus accomodations are provided by the universities or colleges for their students. They are typically situated either inside or close to the university / college campus. Examples of on campus accomodation are dormitories, apartments and suites. Benefits of on campus accomodation include less time required to reach the classrooms, convenience in getting access to the on campus resources, social interaction with the peers, more closely follow the campus activities and events. But on campus accomodations are filled up very quickly even though they are comparatively expensive. So students need to book them as early as possible. 

Off campus accomdation refers to the housing options outside the campus and they are offered by the private property management agencies, not by the university or college. Examples of off campus accomodation are apartments, houses, shared rooms etc. They are more private and spacious than the on campus facilities. They are comparatively cheaper as well. 

We, Aspire Abroad Education, has partnered with one of the world's leading organization who provides accomodation options to international students all over the world. We believe this partnership will help our students immensely to find their home away from home. We suggest the accomodaton options to our students as per their needs and considering the factors like budget, distance from their university / college, amenities provided by the private property owners, public transport options to commute, kind of social life available, medical facilities nearby etc. 

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