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Education Loan

Education loan plays an important role for lakhs of students who dream to study abroad, specially for the low-income families where the students' parents need an external support in managing the financial requirements. Even though the Return on Investment (ROI) rate might be high after getting a degree abroad, managing the finance might not be easy for every student. But good news is, now a days, most of the public / private sector banks, private financial institutions offer good amount of education loan to the eligible students. Some banks offer upto 1 crore of education loan which covers student's living cost as well. 

Another advantage of education loan is student can avail moratorium period during the loan period. A moratorium period is defined as the time period when the borrower is not required to repay the loan. The maximum moratorium period can be availed is the student's course duration plus 6 months or 1 year. This amount of time helps the student to find a job, save some money and start the repayment of the education loan. Banks generally charge interest for the moratorium period, which is later added to the principal amount of the loan. 

We, Aspire Abroad Education, has partnered with major public and private sector banks in India to help our students to get the bank loan approvals quickly. We also partnered with few private financial institutions to help the students and fulfill their financial need. Our team also helps the students' parents to plan their finance accordingly and suggest different options on how to get the things done by borrowing less money from banks, which eventually save money for them.  

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