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Part-time jobs, Internships, and Full-time opportunities

Part time jobs are helpful to international students who wants earn some money during their study period at universities / colleges. This extra income can be utilised paying for accomodation, food, transporation and other living expenses. In most of the countries, international students are allowed to work 20hr/week during their course study period if the students enrol in any full time long term courses. During study breaks students are allowed to work 40hr/week. But this number varies little bit country to country. So please check your destination country study visa rules before you start working part time jobs. Another important point is to maintain a study - work balance. Since the students' primary goal should be study during their study period, universities recommend them to reduce the weekly working hours so that students can more focus on their studies.   

After the study visa is approved, we, at Aspire Abroad Education, try to prepare the students for the future do and don'ts. We guide them how to find part time jobs in and outside university campus, how to make network with the employers, what are the skillset employers look for in candidates, how to utilise the public resources etc.

International students are allowed to work full time during their study break or after their course completion. During the study break, best option is to find an internship which is related to student's course of study. This way the student can gather some full time experience which will eventually help him/her to find a full time job after graduation. Many internaitonal students continue to work as interns in private/ public companies, NGOs during their study pereiod and convert them as full time jobs after their graduation. 

In a full time job after graduation, students can work as many hours as they want per week in case of Australia, but few countries put a limit on maximum permissible working hours. Please check the visa rules of country you are working in. It's very important for every international student to obey the immigration laws of the country he/she is staying in to maintain a legal status. If you are not sure about the visa rules, please consult with an immigration expert. 

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