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Scholarships are a great way to make the study abroad option more affordable. There may be many scholarship options offered by an university - few of them may be one time benefit and few may be renewable after every year through the course. Normally, the scholarship offered to a student is deducted from the yearly tuition fee payable to the university and multiple scholarships can't be clubbed with each other. The scholarships offered may be merit - based, or based on the financial need of the student. Another type of scholarship offered to the student is from a sponsor in his / her home country. Many Non - profit, government, private organizations offer scholarships to the abroad education aspirants. 

There might be certain eligiblity criteria for the scholarships to be offered by universities. Students need to check them in university websites before applying. Few of the scholarships are automatically offered to the international students by the universities, no need of separate applications. The sholarship rules vary university to university. 

We, at Aspire Abroad Education, tries to arrange as much as scholarship possible to the students so that their financial liability becomes less. With our familiarity with university rules, we try to maximize the scholarship opportunities for the students. Few of the scholarship options for a particular university might be tricky and students take our help to find those. 

Few basic scholarship conditions set up by universites are - 

  • Academic Merit - This condition is based on the academic percentage or GPA of the students on previous study at home country (India)

  • Nationality - Few of the universities offer scholarships to indian students on the basis of nationality

  • Field of study - Few scholarships might be available for a particular subject of study, normally technical and research based subjects have more scholarship offer than the Arts or other subjects. 

  • Work Experience - For few postgraduate courses, scholarships are offered to experienced candiates. Countries like USA, Canada, Australia prefer experienced candidates for their business courses, but it's not mandatory. 

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