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University Shortlist & Application

One of the most important step for the students applying to abroad universities is selecting the university / college which is the best-fit as per their future goal. This decision will play a critical role in building the student's future roadmap and opportunities. Not every country, not every university is equally favorable for the student. There are many factors involved in selecting the best choice university for a particular student. The number of Indian students studying abroad has been increasing with every passing year. With the rising demand and scope of education abroad, the choice of what, where and how has been difficult to make. 

Considering all the pros and cons for a student, the criteria and restrictions on his / her checklist, and finding the best choice is not a easy task. But our expert team at Aspire Abroad Education will make your job easy. With the extensive knowledge across all the regions in the world, our team tries to find the best-fit options for the students. Our team also supports the students on their university applications process and with the good relationship with the universities, we are able to get the offer letters for the students with the least waiting time. Our turnaround time is almost 20% to 30% less than the industry average time. 

Few major factors while shorlisting the universities are - 

  • Choosing the right course, country and university for the student as per ranking, course content etc.

  • Application acceptance rate

  • Academic requirement

  • Scholarship options

  • Gender distribution and ethnic deversity percentage

  • Tuition fee, cost of living and best fit with the projected budget

  • Internship and full - time job opportunities around the campus / city

  • Graduate success rate

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