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VISA processing

To study in a foreign country, international students require a study visa / permit. It allows the students not only to enter the destination country but also to stay in that country for a particular period of time and study. That's why it's very important to prepare the visa application with the help of an expert so that the chances of visa approval becomes high. Every country has a specific set of visa rules and immigration laws which applicants need to follow in order to get their visa approved. Most of the countries created different visa types depending the purpose of the visa application. Candidates who want visa in order to study in abroad universities / colleges will be requiring study visa type. Depending on the country, students can apply either online or offline for a student visa. Some countries require face to face interview with the students during the visa application process. 

We, at Aspire Abroad Education, take each and every point of the visa application seriously and make sure every application of our students is strong enough to receive visa approval. That's why our visa success rate so far is 98%. We conduct mock visa interview for the students and prepare them with the probable visa questions. In addition, we help the students' parents in preparing the financial documents, get the education loans approved, creating a strong SOP, give a heads-up on the probable factor which might impact the visa application negatively. 

Few major reasons for study visa rejection are - 

  • Not having Letter of Acceptance / I-20 / COE / CAS letter from the overseas institution

  • Lack of financial documents from the student's sponsor / parents

  • Low english proficiency test score

  • Incomplete academic record or study gap without documentation

  • Choosing a course of study which doesn't allign with the student's prior study or experience

  • Not able to provide convincing answers to the immigration officer during visa interview

  • Immediate family members already living in destination country

  • Previous visa rejection record to the same country

  • Multiple visa rejection records etc.

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